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Our wines at Bodega Araujo are conceived from the vineyard in Villa Atuel, Mendoza - Argentina. Once the grapes reach their ideal maturity, they are carefully harvested and transferred to the wine cellar, where we apply the highest technology in our laboratory to perform careful oenological practices. We also have air-conditioned rooms for storage and aging in French oak barrels, used in our Graciano line.
At Bodega Araujo we have a full laboratory, where the necessary tests and quality controls are carried out, both for the domestic market by complying with the standards of the National Institute of Viticulture (INV), and for the requirements of the international market.
The extensively experienced winemaker, from Bodega Araujo, is the one who determines the harvest time of each varietal and, together with the technicians, they direct and implement the winemaking processes from harvest to bottling, and allow us to obtain wines to compete in the different segments of the market.
Bodega Araujo plantations are located in Villa Atuel, San Rafael, Mendoza - Argentina, where we have 100 hectares of vines distributed in 2 estates, with 80% red grapes, (Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Bonarda, Merlot and Syrah), and the other 20% white grapes (Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc), structured the oldest in vine arbors and the youngest in trellis.
In Bodega Araujo, irrigation is carried out in the traditional system, by gravity irrigation, with water from the Atuel River, rich in minerals which it obtains from the Andean glaciers. The soil is of alluvial origin, created by material deposited in the meanders of the Atuel River, which gives us a varied composition: from stony to sandy, with very good permeability and poor in organic matter, which allows an excellent vegetative expression of the vine cultivation to make our Casa Araujo wines.
The climate in Villa Atuel, as in most of the Cuyana region, is semi-desert, with an altitude of 520 m.a.s.l., few rains, low relative humidity, a high thermal amplitude between the heat of the day and the cold nights, and very good heliophany (exposure to light), which guarantees ideal conditions to achieve ideal harvests of healthy grapes to make our products. These natural characteristics, known in the wine jargon as Terroir or Terroño (in Spanish), together with the talent of our people, are essential in order to make harmonic and expressive wines such as our Casa Araujo wines.
With a comprehensive plan, we seek to improve the quality of our grapes each year, carrying out work to heighten the original virtues of these vineyards, in order to achieve the best expression of our terroir. Every winter, to balance the number of grapes relative to the plant, different pruning intensities are applied. Each vineyard is pruned depending on the Bodega Araujo product you want to achieve.
In summer, we perform green pruning to finish balancing the ratio between the grapes and the leaves, plus remove sprouts that are not in a suitable place for the growth of the vineyard. In addition, among other things, organic fertilizers are used to improve soil quality and environmental-friendly mechanical tasks are performed to ensure that, every year, Bodega Araujo products surpass their own quality.
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